Why a Cabin is the Next Best Thing for Business Retreats

How to Maximize Connections

What if we could get rid of the noise and distractions that come with a traditional business retreat? What if we could have a place where people can feel comfortable, private, and secluded while still being able to connect on a deeper level. That's what you get when hosting your next business retreat in a cabin. As opposed to hosting a normal business retreat where there are tons of distractions, this will allow everyone on your team to focus on what really matters: connecting.


Get away from the traditional business retreats of today! It's been done before! What are the results of doing the same thing as last year or the same things as every other company? Your team becomes disconnected and disinterested and eventually you'll be swarmed with emails informing you that half of your team is unavailable for the "super fun" retreat due to "unforeseen circumstances." Yeah...we all know what that means.


Start a new way of doing things and host your next business retreat in our wide selection of large cabins in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It'll be the best decision you've made in years!

There are many reasons to choose a more private and secluded venue for your next retreat. With large gathering spaces in each of our cabins, you won't have to worry about booking any conference rooms, you'll already have everything you need right at your fingertips.

With the right cabin, you'll be able to spend less time planning and more time connecting with your team members in a comfortable environment that will boost inspiration levels throughout the entire retreat. Plus, our cabins are secluded enough for total privacy but close enough to town so you won't miss out on any of those local attractions.

Our cabins are private and secluded so that your employees will be able to focus more than ever before! With team building activities like fishing or hiking, you'll be able to connect with your employees in a way that is more natural than having them sit around tables or desks listening to presentations.


An easy misconception of planning a business trip is believing that you need to fully pack your schedule; you need to have something to do every minute of every day in order to fully maximize the time you have. This is just not true! The best business trips are the ones that allow your employees to have some time and space to just be together outside of your typical work environment. Having this open space will help build employee morale and trust in one another much easier than anything else can.

Let's be real, your employees don't attend business retreats to hear the same thing they hear at work. It's called a retreat for a reason. You need to set a new tone, a tone for creativity and exploring. With a cabin retreat, you'll be able to let them explore new ideas without any rules or boundaries. After all, this is not another business trip; this is a getaway designed specifically to maximize connections!


It's time to break the mold and start hosting business trips that will make a lasting impact on your team. It's time to explore something new with your next business trip. It's time to book a cabin and maximize connection!

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